Presentation Sign-Up Sheet:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Tu2PhBvjYl40fgDrbvVIr76vjLNnoIxfDD1z9bpbFaI/edit?usp=sharing


Due: Sign-up sheet will be distributed

10% of final grade

You will choose one text from your annotated bibliography in progress to give a 10-minute mini-lecture on to the class. You should treat this mini-lecture as if it were an actual lecture, drawing the class’s attention to the author’s main points, placing the text in the context of other work in the field, and raising some questions or issues for discussion at the end. You will then lead the class in 10-15 minutes of discussion about your text. You should remain aware of the length of your presentation and stay within the time limit.

Presentations will take place in class during weeks 11-14; a sign-up sheet will be distributed online. By the class period before you are signed up to give your presentation, you will place the text you will be presenting on in our shared Box folder (in the folder titled “Upload Presentation Reading Here”) so that the class can read it before your presentation. You will also write the title of the text you are presenting on next to your name on the online sign-up sheet so we know who is presenting on what.