Due: Friday May 5th

10% of final grade

This is a formal bibliography that includes citations of sources with summary and evaluation information for each source.  The assignment should be in MLA format. You will select seven works not on the course syllabus in the broad fields of digital humanities. These may be published articles, books, or DH projects. The bibliography is intended to serve as a preliminary survey of discourse and work in the digital humanities and to be an initial step toward your own research questions for the final project. While it is due at the close of the semester alongside your final projects, you will need to start collecting sources early in the semester. It is from the bibliography in progress that you will select the text for your class presentation.

For samples, see: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/03/

You need not however evaluate the sources vis a vis any particular project. You should focus on summary and relevance.