Flusser analyses the use and development of writing in the article. Writing is broken down from its mechanics to typography and even print. The stages of which it has started from to where the advancements of what writing is now, the question is asked if it has a future?

An important aspect in this piece is when the idea of “print” is addressed. Print so much is not really seen as a writing form, but more as if something that has already been written is massively produced. I think it is important to realize that print with it itself as mechanisms do not change. Maybe the way things get printed change but the overall outcome of what a finished “printed” product is the same. Printing is a thing Flusser says which I think means it is more of an action to help a written piece then being a written piece it self.

Secondly another important aspect of this piece is the digital. Simply because the digital way is now the new norm it is what society is use to. The other ways of writing that are brought up are in a sense “old school”. Hand written pieces like stationary and letters are pretty much non-existent now. The digital come with all new dynamics of how written works can be perceived. But like we has talked about all semester does that give a different feel from what a traditional written work does? The digital element comes as a coded more advanced device that can produce anything, and more that a written text could. This means that we will all have to be able to digitally think, and get use to the written world being inscribed in some type of computer program.

The last important aspect that stands out to me is, the idea of writing as a whole. In the beginning it is talked about writing being an object that is also able to help another object. Flusser uses the word “script” to describe this. I found this part interesting because when I thought about it, I got the idea that having written text and being able to read them can really help us accomplish something else. That we might not have been able to do without the written word for example this made me think of written words down in the form of instruction. It is also an organized way of how writing was intended, like being organized in rows. That it is not only something we should get out of writing but the written words themselves actually speak to one another. Writing in script organized way gives an impulse of ideas that all work together.

Two things that confused me where both toward then end of the piece in the subscript part it is brought up that going back to a younger generation they are learning what writing is today in the form of a technological media. It id evident now that we must keep up with their younger generation and get farther away from the older generation if we want to keep up and learn. I am not sure why the reversal of that generation should be something? Maybe I do not fully grasp the idea of what Flusser is trying to say here? I also question if that the idea or definition of writing can be the same of what it used to be? If we have to change our ways and adjust to a newer generation doesn’t that mean writing will have to do the same thing as well? So we cannot have a full grasp if writing has a future or not.