You and a partner will act as discussion hosts for one class period during the semester (because of the number of students in the class, there will be one group of three). As discussion hosts, you and your partner will be responsible for kicking off class discussion. The idea behind class hosting is that you focus in on one or two specific ideas, insights, or critiques from one of the day’s assigned theoretical or secondary readings, explicating those ideas or insights for the class and leading the class into further discussion. You should keep your hosting sessions tightly focused on just these ideas, insights, and/or critiques. You will sign up for your hosting dates and texts via this course site after the second day of class here.

You should expect to host the class for around 15-20 minutes. There are a few general options for how to structure your hosting session:

  • A: Present briefly for 5-10 minutes on one specific concept, idea, insight, or aspect from one of the readings. This presentation may involve an explication of one or two important and specific concepts or ideas. Use the remaining 5-10 minutes to field class discussion. You might come to class prepared with some questions to pose to the class that connect the reading under discussion to other readings and/or concepts from the course, or questions that prod the class to investigate/critique the text under discussion further.
  • B: Lead an activity designed to engage the class in one of the day’s readings for 15-20 minutes. As with option A, this activity should focus in tightly on illuminating one or two specific ideas, insights, or concepts from the reading.
  • You might also do some combination of A and B.

While your hosting can be more informal, please make sure you keep your hosting to 15-20 minutes. I will be keeping an eye on the clock and will stop you if you go too far over time.

I will not grade your hosting; you’ll either receive full credit for having completed the requirements of the assignment, or none at all. Missing a hosting session or failing to complete the requirements will drop your participation grade by one letter. Except in cases of emergency, you cannot make up missed hosting sessions.

ENGL 6600 graduate students: You have the option of acting as a discussion host individually instead of with a partner.