Paul talks about in her piece “art” as a new medium. She addresses how it is evolved, and how it is changing and kept up with. She also talks about the role art plays and if it is getting to be too much for its own self and definition.

I think an important part of her research that she talks about is the idea of art as a function. It is what is behind the technology that makes it work; without these equations and formations the art product would not be producible. Art is evolving with media in today’s society more than ever. But the problem is the product of media is becoming too developed for instance digital artwork is becoming more about the context then that actual art it self.

Next I think it is important that we not forget about the creator of the work. Ourselves using the media outlined in the way we intend means we can see the way art works with media in a different light. We as humans in the way we use media are also turned into the creator or artist. It is an evolving technology, which we have to keep up with. She talks about the openness of digital technology, which allows for a bigger audience. How the audience see’s the creation of art in their own way can change the demand and decide if one thing is more popular then the other according to the people. So no matter if we create it or view in the real success of art comes to be on our own interpretation.

Thirdly an important aspect in the article is the Internet as a way for art to be shown. With new technology art is being able to be viewed in a visual gallery format. This is a good thing in term the original context of the art piece can still be viewed in a convenience to the viewer. But she questions if not seeing it in person takes away from the actual experience. I do think the online models are becoming more of the norm with the way media and technology work within our lives. The actual exhibit however allows for the art to be viewed in a physical space with room that can give a different feeling and experience then a online version ever could.

One thing that confused me was the idea of a connection between hardware and software. I though the hardware was the actual physical being of the media that helped it work and the software was the program. This part juts confused me. I also had trouble grasping the idea immaterial process.

So I wonder if we can still keep up with the way art is intended in the coming years, or if the whole definition and experience will change because the role of developing media?