In this piece by Kittler he pretty much argues his strong feeling with the way writing has been developed over time. He thinks that it does exist in terms, or what he might think writing is.

One aspect I thought was important to his argument is the form of paper. In his first paragraph Kittler mentions how written text in the form of paper are a thing of the past now. There are no more novels to read or anything of importance that would be written on paper. I think this is an important point because he is correct in a sense that we do not need written text anymore. I though it was interesting because as a class we have talked about this so much.

Which leads me to my next point. Kittler talks about software a lot in the argument of his. This is essentially the reason he does not think writing is truly an art anymore. He uses examples like WordPerfect and other such writing technologies. These programs do assist us in writing by how they can catch grammatical errs etc. Kittler I feel does not want to accept the advancement of technology. It is now the norm for someone to write something on a type of software like I am doing now with Microsoft Word. There is no need for hard paper or written text because they can all be reached in some other form mostly via internet.

The way he explains the message I found interesting. He does not think the message has anything to do with the written text or words itself. He thinks it is a deeper mathematical process to how that message was made. The more complex the equation is means the more value the message it self possess. I have no idea why Kittler thinks this or how one even comes up with this theory, but he really likes to think outside the box.

Two things I didn’t really understand were first off the concept of time and space. Kittler wrote about how everything is in cells or a computer chip, which somehow relates to time and space? That part confused me. I also had a problem with how he talks about writing in the beginning that I get, and then towards then end all he talks about is math and equations. It made me feel as if this article was kind of written all over the place and not as well organized. So I guess the question is there a different definitions of writing when done on a paper then when done on software, and if so how do we get to understand the differences?