In this reading Drucker addresses the issues that have come up with printing relations and typography. Specifically avant grade typography and how that started and people expanded on its uses.

One of the most important aspects I read about in this is advancement. The advancement that was made of typography throughout time has changed in many ways. When printing started at Gutenburg had his own designed organized system that kept everything in like on the same page and in order. Now with advancements in typography it is used and twisted in many different ways. This also has to do with the technological aspects that came over time as well. Printing became used more in the commercial field and journalism field instead of how it use to be when it first came a long used in religious ways in ordinance to the bible. Towards then end of the nineteenth century there were options of font, typefaces and sizes.

Secondly the concept change or influence the technological advancement had on people I found important. With more options and ways to print for different reasons gave people the chance to learn how to print. Since it was no longer such a unique processes that only few new how to do seeing mass print publications became normal. This influenced all sorts of people because they used print as a way to advertise and for commercial use. Authors for print text in a book also used it. The way people really improved their use of typography with advertising was if they had a better knowledge and understanding of typography and the options that come with it. People also had to get use to seeing different laying out designs when it come to advertising.

Another important concept to remember that I think gets lost in the article at points is that this is all an experiment with typography. No one had ever experienced typography in relation with print technologies until now. So there was also no one who had a complete understanding of it either. When Drucker talks about typography and its expansion through advertisement I think it is to show the different things they could do with typography. At the same time though I do not think of advertisement as a experimental thing. In todays society advertisement can make or break a person or business. So I found it interesting that this was all an experiment of print technologies and so much of it had to do with publication and advertisement.

Something that confused me was how Drucker brought up the way journalist used typography and it was different from the intentions of print. If journalist were still printing a story or a book of some sort wouldn’t it be pretty similar because it is still just words on pages that are being printed. Also I am not sure if I grasp the full value of typography, so it is really a valuable technology back in this period for use or is it more of a learning advancement to expand on until we knew the proper use?