For my final project, I wrote about Ullman’s emphasis on the limitations of translating data from the human mind to computer programs with _The Bug. _Specifically in the last scene of the novel, I chose to analyze the importance of the difference between humans and computers and how this allowed the bug to continue on without ever being found. Through evidence found in the text, Ullman argues that data may not be science since it often leads to bias and a mistranslation.

In part two of the project, I decided to create a hypothetical lab report analyzing the effects of Body Mass Index and its inaccurate assessment of body fat content. Through the lab report, I showed how data can often be drawn from misrepresentative sample and lead to bias within results. Most readers do not understand that these studies are often inaccurate and invalid, believing their results when they really are not statistically significant. In my “study” the results appear to be statistically significant, however,this may not be true because bias was introduced into the sample through the means of measurement.

Below I have attached a copy of my lab report followed by a sample:

BMI Data Lab Report