I made the point that data without context is meaningless and there is no unifying perspective that will give meaning to all data. For a given dataset there is a perspective that will give the data meaning, but each dataset will have its own perspective or context. A sub-point that I made was that languages and codes are in and of themselves perspectives through which you can view a given set of characters, and each will give the set of characters a different meaning or no meaning at all.

I converted the Library of Babel story into binary text after I applied some cryptographic ciphers to it. I did this to illustrate that without the knowledge of the context that the string of characters was created in, you cannot know what the text means. Without being told what the text is and what cyphers I used you would not be able to easily figure out what the document contains. Additionally if the binary string was surrounded by more random ones and zeros it would be even more difficult to interpret.