My chosen text was Understand by Ted Chiang. My argument was that in the story, data is subjectively and objectively limitless. The objective aspect of infinite data is the world is constantly amassing more data making it impossible to gather it all as it is limitless. The subjective aspect of limitless data has to do with how data changes as it enters Greco’s mind. As gestalts are added to his mind, they connect and change all other gestalts in his mind and are constantly changing and creating new knowledge in his mind, so even if he were able to amass all objective data, his mind would constantly be changing and creating new gestalts and creating more data.

The second part is applying the concept of infinite data into a different medium, art. More specifically a painting that represents y=log(x) and a gallery opening article that comments on the fact that the limitlessness of that function is objectively limitless but the fact that every person would see the painting differently represents the subjective limitlessness aspect.