The website of the pplkpr app that I modeled by dtakpr app after can be found here:

For part one of my assignment, Across the Line, I wrote about how The Bug explores the line between the digital and the analog. My argument, put simply, is that the analog data (Ethan) and the digital data (the Jester) complement each other in forming a whole, but as these two types of data failed to make the transition in to the other realm, both of them failed.

In the second part of my assignment, titled Data Keeper, I created a hypothetical app based on a real app. The reason my “app” takes the form of an essay is because I have no idea how to actually create an app. The dtakpr app relates to my part one argument because it would help to define the line between analog and digital more clearly, and to help us as humans understand ourselves better in relation to analog and digital data.


– Nikhil Gandhi