As my final project, I wrote about how The Intuitionist tells us that people in society that have an understanding of, and take advantage of, data are those that can exercise the most power over everything else. Shush, Chancer, Arbo — all of them use or used data to get where they are. And in the end, it’s Lila Mae that feeds them the data they think they need.

Inspired by BizBrain’s “Project You” infographic (after wandering around the internet searching for a form for my application to take), I decided to build… an infographic. It’s too big to attach directly (I spent a lot of time on it), so I uploaded it to an image host here. In it, I emphasize how important an advantage both people and companies have when their primary dealings are in data. A lot of groups in the public eye right now are big in data!

For any classmates tuning in — good luck! I had fun this semester with you guys.