On Tuesday, April 14 in class we had hoped to really delve into “feeling data” and what that means. Unfortunately, for much of the class, everyone remained silent; I too sat around, silent and with my mind wandering. Quickly, I began to imagine data and “feel” the atmosphere of the classroom. It felt like a harsh silence, a very distinct silence. This reminded me of the very nature of data, as I first would have defined it upon the start of this course.

As class proceeded and classmates and myself began to open up, I saw it as symbolism to represent the process we have journeyed across as a class.

Still, this is all data. Class -> over time -> changes variable x…

Given these thoughts, once the coffee book made its way to me I looked at the data visualizations not only as “data” but as a combination of art and data organized in a beautiful and magnetic approach.

In reading the articles we assigned we began to have a greater understanding of “feeling data” and I was really captivated. The qualitative realm of data is fascinating.

As in most of my blog posts I would enjoy to pose a few questions:

  1. Why did you feel responding was so difficult on Tuesday?
    1. For me, I was still to much feeling the analytical approach and feared wasn’t accustomed to the idea of “feeling” data.
  2. Would you believe it possible to feel quantitative data?
  3. Where did you our teacher buy the coffee book…
  4. Do you believe we feel all data?
    1. I say yes. I am a firm believer that everything around us impacts us although I would not go on to say that our feelings allow us to interpret data with accuracy but rather emotion.

I wanted to include an audio clip for this post. It is by Billy Carrothers and is entitles “Data Has Feelings.” I found it very enjoyable to play this music in the background while taking a look at the flash animation from our class discussion. You should give it a try. How can audio by implemented into data visualizations? Can it? Can we have data tracks?

Play a sample or buy the song at this Amazon link:


Bills Carrothers - Shine Ball - Album Art

Bills Carrothers – Shine Ball – Album Art