As human beings, we are consumed with analyzing our behaviors and the behavior of others, and then determining ways to alter and change that behavior. Leaders “lead” their countries. Employers evaluate and reward their employees. Parents train their children. Individuals engage in “self help”. The idea is that change is necessary and good for society as well as the individual. But change is difficult. Society as a whole and people individually resist change. We are comfortable in our little worlds and often don’t want to put out the effort to make substantial changes. However, there is a caveat. We also like entertainment, fun, and rewards. Political leaders use promises of financial prosperity to motivate citizens. Employers reward with raises and bonuses. Parents give praises and treats for good behavior. But as individuals, it is sometimes difficult to find the motivation within our selves to make the effort to change. Our innate need for gratification, especially instant gratification, often hinders our efforts. Good intentions for weight loss, a savings account, or even furthering our education or knowledge become futile when the process is drudgery. Stress of our work and everyday lives overwhelm us and tire us out. Putting out additional effort to make changes is too much trouble. What we want is fun and relaxation, not more work. Gamification of our lives combines the necessity of change with the enjoyment of entertainment. With the technology available our need for instant gratification is met and, while effort is still required of us to change, the journey becomes more enjoyable. This makes gamification an immensely useful tool for us to use and exploit in making ourselves smarter, more fiscally responsible, and more active. ThePush_IMG_11-08_SocialGamification This image represents one of the key reasons that gamification is becoming more and more common, with academics, fitness, and financial spheres. Unlocking achievements releases Dopamine, making whatever we are doing instantly gratifying and more enjoyable, which is why gamification will continue to be an important tool for self improvement and societal change.