I find myself one that is quite interested in the “quantified self.” I look at the number of steps I take every day, flights climbed, distance traveled, weight lifted, gains made, pounds lost or gained and log them all into many different apps. I figure since I identify as being one of “them” I had to choose between my options of “why.” I chose: “(b) fiendish, delusional narcissist obsessed with numerical navel-gazing to the detriment of their ability to accept “the facts” or to experience “the real world.””

As Boesel goes on, I particularly connect with her saying that QSers pursue desired states of being using data. My own personal spreadsheets of grades, weights, and progress all prove this to be true in my personal life, yet this is something I hadn’t before connected to.

What impact would anxiety have on whether or not one is a QSer?

Boesel later makes a statement that I found somewhat contradictory: “Quantified Self is not so much narcissism, but nerdery.” How is this, when the definition of myself above includes the term “narcissist?”

Could insecurities and a sense of progress promote being a QSer? I think absolutely.

As Boeser discusses the multitude of passive technologies we have, I love to imagine what we may have in the future and the possibilities for tracking incredible things. It would be a good thing to focus on why these things excite me and for now, I have no definite answer.

Thinking into the future, I am excited to see the types of technologies that accurately measure or body functions in many different ways as long as privacy is maintained. I realize that this is a extremely rapid growing market and I am totally on board as long as my personal information remains mine as we have discussed in previous discussions.

Though the picture below is in German, how would you feel about wearing gear like that to track your fitness levels?

More information and the original image  (brief English summary) about the product can be found here: http://blog.dacadoo.com/blog/2012/11/06/sonntagsblick-quantified-self-das-handy-ist-mein-fitnesstrainer/