After careful deliberation and searching a lot of words I assumed would be relevant (like circle, only revolutions, and new) I settled on the first of the three, Eyes. The word Eyes appears 12 times in each narrative with a total of 24 times, each matching up exactly with the other. I believe the number 12 has a significance to it (as does 24) with time. 12 being the number of jars of honey, and hours on a clock (which goes in revolutions eternally). Each time Eyes are referenced in Sams narrative it is in reference to Hailey’s eyes, which are gold with flecks of green, and vice-versa in Hailey’s narrative. The references are placed at seemingly random intervals throughout the novel, I could not find a significance to the spacing or any of the page numbers.

The second texturized word I have chosen is Drive. Drive appears 24 times in Hailey’s narrative and 20 times in Sam’s. Although a clear pattern is not evident, the word drive is important to the novel as a whole. One major theme of the story (if I am allowed to call it one) is travel, which is chiefly done by driving. They spend most of their time either having sex or driving across the US (whoh, allusion). Driving is not the only word used to describe their travel but it was the most abundant one I could find.

The third texturized word is one others have chosen to observe as well, go. Go appears in the text 3,167 times total, but the majority of its use dominates the chronology sidebar, where it occurs 2,631 times. I don’t think it is so important the exact number it occurs, but the fact that it dominates the chronology. The word clearly refers to death, but what concerns me is why the word go was chosen instead of another word, like die, or a more simple and clear word. Perhaps Danielewski wanted to be a little different, clearly, or maybe it ties in to the word drive a little bit. I think it could somehow be referring to travel, a central theme in the novel as discussed previously. As travel dominates the narrative, so does it dominate the chronology. Or I could be grasping at straws, and it could mean just death, and that death occurs in time, where Sam and Hailey exist outside of time.

All of the data was collected using Vizor. One other word I tried to find a meaning to was Booooooooomblastandruin, which seemingly had no meaning at all. One other thing to note about it is that in both Vizor and Hayles engines Booooooooomblastandruin had a typo where ruin was spelled riun in a couple of the pages.