As I sought out a topic for the post, I discovered that I really wanted to do something on music, and thus I searched for a facsimile of the music across the internet, but this hipsterish book apparently only generates the music in but one place, its website.  So, resigned to my fate, I approached the costless copy of the webpage.  Throughout my entire deciphering of the text, this rhythmic speech combined with hypnotic backbeat vibrated my tympanic membrane endlessly.  One of two things occurred: either I contracted insanity and will spend the remainder of my existence uttering such phrases as “Destroy everyone of course” in low tones, or I developed a hypothesis dealing with the structure of novel.

In anterior times, our discussion dealt with the metaphorical aspects ofthebook.  The odyssey viewed inthenovel allegorically embodies the respective cycles occurring in US, how they repeat endlessly across reality.  But then the inquiry I created was: the characters represent what aspects of US?

Far from the unreliable narrators proposed by Andrew, the individuals of the story are but streams of consciousness.  The developments experienced are viewed by characters differently and experienced thusly.  The battle between The Creep and Sam, is an ordeal imbued with great testosterone on Sam’s side, but upon Hailey’s hand it seems an event of Sam’s great cowardice. Thisisless a discrepancy, and more an affectation of the human psyche uponthenovel.

Adding the metaphor and streams of consciousness, generates perhaps a judgment, or an approximation of the mentality of US.  Hailey’s aversion and Sam’s forestalling in the face of the other’s supposed advances perhaps demonstrates such a judgment.  Neither party has the required willingness for the admittance of their shame, preferring deflection.   In view of the other’s supposed pain, each is allways stoic.

world-accordign-to-USAThis is from:

And yet, the novel expands greatly beyond a simple judication of US.  It reveals an amorous tale of forever young, young love.  Sam will forsake all and Hailey will abandon all to experience the other’s mere company.  Thus, love is the triumpher of all, and the book affirms its motif, allso heard and reciprocated in the website’s unnerving melody.

“We’re allways sixteen.”