Just as Caitlyn did, I, at first read this book as if were a regular novel. I quickly realized that even with flipping the book upside down and backward, the novel was confusing. It was like trying to read four different books at once with none of them being connected.

Also, like Caitlyn, I decided that attempting to understand this book one line at a time was not going to work. The cadence was too unique. The wording too strange. The points of view too opposing. While the stories of the two characters seem to correlate in some way, they both have extremely different points of view about what is actually happening. Sam sees men in situations where Hailey sees women. There reactions and descriptions of the sexual scenes are humorously diverse from each other. I agree with Caitlyn that the differences in the narratives could simply be just two perspectives about the same event. This happens all the time in real life. It is often said that there is your story, there is my story, and there is the true story. This could be the case here.

However, I think the novel goes much deeper than that. I believe the differences and the parallels within the two narratives are clues as to what that true story is. And Danielewski takes it even further. There are all sorts of clues scattered throughout both of the narratives. The clues point to the solution of a puzzle that the author has presented for us to solve and are abundant in both narratives.

The solving of the puzzle the author presents is like the solving of any puzzle. You have to find all of the pertinent pieces and put them together in the correct manner in order for the picture to be clear. In Only Revolutions, the putting together of the puzzle is the job of the reader. We must take the use of uncommon words, the lack of use of common words, and the unusual rhythm of the writing and figure out how they fit together. We also have to discern what the meaning of the bold typed words are and why Hailey constantly references plants while Sam references animals. As readers, we have to look at the similarities and differences of the stories and figure out how those pieces fit together in order images