I tracked what colors people wore to class and ranked the color on a scale of 0-5, 0=Black 5=White. I then averaged the qualitative color scale and compared girls vs guys to see which group wore the darkest clothes. It turns out that the girls wore darker clothes on average than the guys did. Most of the women wore black or grey and the dudes mixed it up as a group. I also paid attention to who was fidgeting consistently throughout the class. If a person fidgeted for most of the class then I put them down as a 1. If they were still for most of the class they were a 0. I then averaged the numbers and came up with the percentages in the table. 75% of the dudes were restless during class while only 17% of the ladies felt the need to fidget. That was 9 of 12 guys were restless while only 1 of 5 girls was. I am not 100% sure why the guys were more restless than the girls were. I expected the percentages to be roughly equal, but this is a clear gap between guys and girls. As for the color scale I expected the girls to wear more bright colors than the guys and my findings were exactly opposite. Again I am not sure why.

Female Male
% Fidgety 17% 75%
Color Scale 1.5 3