I recorded a 15 minute and 36 second chunk of class on Thursday, and I went back and tabulated the discussion into three categories: professor speaking, student speaking, and no speaking.

The results of which are in the table below:

Speaker Time [min:sec]
Professor 10:09
Students 05:22
Silence 00:11
Total 15:36

The times do not add up due to crossover (two people speaking at once).


Based on the above information we can conclude that in our class the professor talks roughly twice as much as the students and is remarkably good at avoiding silence.  The student time recorded above is composed of only 7 students speaking.  As this is a discussion based class I think that based on this data more of us need to talk and we need to pose questions.  Most of the professor time was spent on given brief introductions and posing questions.  I would postulate that if students posed more questions than the class would involve considerably more discussion.  However, this is my very subjective opinion and I would be very interested in hearing other opinions.