Here, Sophia provides insight into Forman’s article by presenting a counter argument that we mostly benefit from big data and its impact on consumerism. However, I disagree with Sophia because I feel that as a whole, personalized data collection leads to more and more dissatisfaction with society which creates a desire for instant gratification amongst consumers.

With constant innovation in technology and exposure to advertisement, we are increasingly more stimulated by “Bigger” or “New and Improved” gadgets and doodads. Its seems that just about every 6 months Apple is releasing “revolutionary” devices that change the way we live. This type of engagement with consumers creates an unsatisfied persona within us where we begin to devalue what we already have and increasingly want more. This type of mentality further feeds our desires of instant gratification where we want and need everything right this second!

By using methods of gathering personalized data on individuals, large corporations can further target consumers and inform them that you simply have to get this new THING. In these situations, we are often manipulated and further enticed in ways that we may not even realize.

In his article Forman writes, “But while happiness might increase, there can be no doubt that the meaning of our lives will decrease.” Here I think Forman alludes to the effects that data collecting and consumerism has on society. I think that although we may be “happier” we lose our sense of pride and ingenuity.

Ron Swanson

The popular show Parks & Recreation pokes fun of, but also highlights the seriousness of data mining and invasion of privacy. In this image Ron Swanson shot down a drone that was attempting to deliver a care package to his front porch. Ron Swanson has tried to prevent his son from having a digital footprint, but when he discovers that a technological company named GRYZZL has mined data from his son, he vows to take down the company.

Here is a link to an article called Data Mining For Comedy which addresses the issue of data mining by reviewing the television show Parks & Rec.

Data Mining For Comedy