I am writing this blog in response to our class discussion on January 27, as well as the blog post by Caitlyn Jones for this week.”

Both Caitlyn and the article mention the test given to determine whom the best programmers may be; however, this got me to thinking and asking when the most recent study of something like this has been done.

Because the study has once been done, does not mean we need to allow our paradigms to control us full speed ahead with such beliefs.

At the start of computing as we are discussing, men were considered professional over women, yet for what reason? Fortunately today women are seen in a more professional light and our paradigms are shifting to be more accepting.

In reading and discussing these pieces, the level of inequality and its implications have really begun to build up.



**An abstract thought:

** In reading The Bug we have discussed human versus computer quite a lot, in many different ways. Looking into the novel further though, I want to explore the themes of computer emotion…is there any, or is inequality prevalent? Perhaps Ullman is urging us all to have a bit more “emotion.” That we cannot go about life as a computer, we should not let them infiltrate our lives and control us in the way Ethan seemed to be controlled by the digital world only finding reality a few times, still unable to understand on emotional levels which as we know, end in his dismay.

Why all of this?


My overall response is that we all need to open ourselves up more. Our paradigms have controlled far too much and technology is only making it harder. Though there are practical uses, we should all step back and realize the finer beauties in life.




Why the image? Because I feel this post is sporadic and a bit abstract. I just really went for responding in a way that describes how the novels and articles have affected me and what the take away from our discussions are.