I first chose to observe the total number of times students shuffled or shifted positions while in their seats. I started measuring at the beginning of class and tallied the results for an interval of 3o minutes. By observing this action, I felt that the data would indicate the general interest of the students and reveal whether or not students were concentrating or adjusting to stay engaged. This data could also reveal whether or not students are either paying attention or anxious to get out class.

The Result: Students shuffled 88 times within 30 minutes.

The second set of data I collected was based on the total number of times the name Ethan or Roberta was mentioned in discussion. I recorded how many times Ethan was referenced compared to the total number of times Roberta was referenced. This data reveals the significance or relevance of the two main characters within the novel, and how often they are mentioned in comparison to one another. This might be a good indicator as to which character is more important.

The Result:

Ethan was mentioned 36 times in class.

Roberta was mentioned 12 times in class.