The observer assignment for our first blogging cycle is as follows:

  1. Choose one class period during the week you are an Observer in which to conduct your observations (so EITHER Tuesday OR Thursday of that week).
  2. Choose at least 2 different things about the class to observe during that class period. For example, you might choose to track who speaks during class AND what color shirts everyone wears to class. Or you might choose to track every time I say “so turn to page…” or “what’s going on with…?” AND who takes notes on a laptop vs. who takes notes in a notebook (or who doesn’t take notes at all). Or every time someone says the title of the text(s) we are discussing in class. Or every time someone says a particular word you’ve decided is significant for whatever reason. Or something else you come up with!
  3. Report your findings on our course blog by Friday night at 10 pm, as outlined in the blogging guidelines under “Observers.” Make sure to explain why you chose to observe the things you chose to observe as part of the short paragraph you write reflecting on the process of collecting the data.

I leave it to you to decide which data to track during your chosen class period, and how best to track it. However, you should keep in mind that the data you collect should be substantial enough to be potentially interesting or unique or creative, but not so substantial, overwhelming, or complicated that it significantly interferes with your participation in class, or with the participation of others.