Much like Sam’s post, my picture had to be retaken at a much lower resolution.  This site only allows a 1mb picture.  I chose to do Chapter Three: The Lauriston Garden Mystery from “A Study in Scarlet” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  The characters include: Sherlock Holmes, Watson, Lestrade, Tobias Gregson, and the Driver.  I made my arrows bilateral if the conversation was reciprocal, as with Sherlock and everyone except the Driver.  Watson was, as is typical of his role as observer and chronicler, of equal weight with Officers Lestrade and Tobias Gregson, because he was spoken to more than he spoke to the others.  I decided to color code by diagram with Blue represented the police and red representing the civilians, as gender was not a meaningful variable in this situation.  I did have something of a burning question: Does written correspondence qualify as an exchange in the same way as a verbal exchange, because technically the first contact from Tobias Gregson to Sherlock Holmes was via letter?  Predictably, Sherlock was the center of attention, as is his tendency.  Finally, I wasn’t as sure how to record a few general addresses to the room, whereby one of the characters spoke, but to no one in particular.  So this would either record as applying to everyone or no one.