Salutations my fellow Tigers! My name is Dallas Childers, I am a senior English major (Literature Emphasis) and I am graduating this year. After earning my undergraduate degree, I plan on attending graduate school and I am currently in the process of deciding where I want to attend! As an English Major here at Clemson, I am required to do a lot of reading. So I am no stranger to lengthy reading assignments. However, when it comes to coding and such things, indeed, I am shamelessly a very inexperienced individual. So learning more about these different digital functions that operate what we post to a webpage is a compelling idea to me. I look forward to contrasting my knowledge of this stuff at the end of the semester to right now, and seeing how this course might change the way we view literature in 2016.

I have many different interest and hobbies

• Traveling

• Spending time with friends and family

• Theorizing Star Wars: The Force Awakens

• Being active and playing sports

• Creating short films that make people laugh

• Attending Clemson Football games

• Occasional walks on the beach

• Learning to cook new dishes Results always vary

• Exercising

• Attending Carolina Panthers events, and defending Cam Newton against his endless haters.

Oh, below i have a statistics table on Cam Newton, who in my opinion should win the NFL MVP award.

Name Cameron Newton
Passing Touchdowns 35
Rushing Touchdowns 10
List of Haters Endless

trophy photo: trophy trophy.jpg


I must admit, this exercise is undeniably exhausting if you are completely new to the experience. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean over time that this coding stuff will continue to be frustrating. My biggest takeaway from the reading and as well as the lab, is the contrasting difference between the WYSIWYG editing utility and the plain text utility. Personally, I find the WYSIWYG side of posting to obviously come much more naturally. However, with the plain text approach you are instantly exposed to the complexity in the systematics that are equipped to each page. The amount of information on just one webpage can be incomprehensible to the eye, but as you learn, everything has a mirroring role that is so precise and that also indicates a presence of communication between the content that is on the webpage and how it is organized in that format. As i noticed while trying to post, even the most minimal mistakes change the presentation of the post. Elliptical i may sound, indeed, but the Alan Liu reading surfaces all of the dynamics in terms of how the principles that lay beneath HTML function. I found it compelling to see Liu surface philosophical figures like Derrida, and i am curious to see how much reaching other academics we read over the semester will go in their attempts to connect metaphysical philosophy to these types of functions. Liu fascinated me with his critical attention to industrialism vs. postindustrialism. However, these are just observations that i found compelling.