During Winter break, and this past “snow day,” I listened to an enormous amount of music. This certainly is not groundbreaking news for me, as I am a huge music fan, but I did try to listen to an assortment of sounds in various forms and on a number of different platforms. From Country to EDM to Hip-Hop and most everything in between, I have quickly become somewhat of a music connoisseur, but not without the help of the likes of music entities such as Spotify and Soundcloud.

Ian’s List of Preferred Listening Sites:

Spotify Logo

Soundcloud Logo


Listening Percentages:

Spotify 50%
Soundcloud 35%
YouTube 15%

For my listening needs/habits, each one of these has a unique function in feeding my musical appetite. For example, if I am looking to listen to a specific song or artist, I usually end up going to Spotify, which is also where I listen to most of my Hip-Hop, Country, Alternative, Indie, etc. On the contrary, if I am in an EDM mood, I will usually end up going to Soundcloud due its popularity within the EDM community and specific DJs that I like. In addition, if I am listening to EDM, I prefer to listen to mixes or sets by my favorite DJs, which can last anywhere from 30 mins to 3 hours. Fittingly, YouTube encompasses all my needs in one place. I like to watch live performances/concerts from time to time, no matter what the genre may be, it just depends on my mood.

If you have any interest in seeing what I listen to, here are some links for you:

Spotify: Ian Seale

Ian’s YouTube Channel

Ian’s Soundcloud

Text Encoding Reflection

In my little experience with text encoding, I have found that neither of the platforms is easier than the other. Obviously, they both have their separate functions, but I guess the one improvement that could be made, is somehow integrating both of the tools onto one webpage. Not sure if that is possible, but it would certainly make things easier. The one aspect I could not figure out on the plain text editor was incorporating a well-designed table into my WYSIWYG page, so I just gave up hoping to get a more clear instruction in class. As I stated, I have very little experience coding, so while reading Liu sort of cleared some confusion, it also subtly added to it, due to his immense knowledge and language usage. Additionally, I’m more a visual learner and like to be in physical communication with the teacher, especially in this case with dealing with computers.