Hey guys. I don’t at all know what I am doing.

But it’s fine. FINE. Okay.

So my name is Kate. Not Kat or Katie or anything else. Just Kate. I don’t really know what to write but I saw other people talking about themselves so I’ll do that. I mean, who doesn’t like talking about themselves, am I right?

So some things about myself:

  • I’m a creative writing minor.
  • I work at Starbucks in Ingles.
  • I LOVE headbands. SO MUCH.
  • I just bought these shoes
  • I have the song “Closing Time” in my head right now.
  • My best friend and I have been friends for NINE years.

here is a photo of us hugging the poetry section of a bookstore. naturally.

me n vic

also how cool is this feature?



I hate to say this but I really hate the text view as opposed to the WYSIWYG view. I found it super hard to work in the text mode. The only upside is that you can kind of see what you are doing but it doesn’t really show it. The good thing about the WYSIWYG mode is that it is interactive. When I bold something, I see it as bold instead of seeing “But it’s fine. FINE. Okay.” I see “But it’s fine. FINE. Okay.” When I click on the text mode, it makes me nervous. If you enter one small thing wrong, it won’t work even though I guess its the same for anything but the WYSIWYG mode is just more user friendly. I guess another pro of the text mode, is to actually see the HTML coding and to see how things work behind the scenes. However, I think that the WYSIWYG mode should be the more prevalent one.

Alan Liu writes that, “the chances are that one is already producing content that somewhere along the route of its transmission takes the form of a uniquely contemporary kind of discourse: encoded or structured discourse,” which is exactly what we are doing here and have been doing, I have just never realized. I have worked in WordPress before doing blog posts for the university and for a class last year so I am kind of familiar with it but I still feel apprehensive about my knowledge on HTML and I definitely never used the text mode. But I have been encoding discourse for classes and not even really realized it.