With winter break and the snowstorm offering me a lot of time to do nothing, I’ve recently spent a good amount of time binge-watching my favorite shows on Netflix. Overall, it’s probably too much time.

Shows I Watched Over Break

  • Making a Murderer
  • New Girl
  • Gilmore Girls

Here’s a link to the website, just in case you want to waste as much time as I do: Waste All of Your Time Here

When you count out how many hours I spent watching these shows, based on episode length and count, it’s remarkable. In all fairness, I only watched one season of both Making a Murderer and New Girl, but the entire Gilmore Girls series. See for yourself:

Making a Murderer 10 hours
New Girl 11 hours
Gilmore Girls 153 hours

To sum it all up, this was me anytime I wasn’t busy being a normal human.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.44.18 PM

Text Encoding Reflection

Writing a post in the plain text editor versus in the WYSIWYG editor is very different. First, the WYSIWYG editor is much more user friendly, which is why most interfaces offer this method instead of plain text and html coding. However, while the interface is easier to use for those who are not familiar with coding, the plain text interface is by far more interesting since you can see exactly what goes into making the WYSIWYG editor so easy.

One advantage of the plain text interface is that you can truly alter your work to go exactly as you see fit since you are manually controlling the code. On the flip side, the coding can get dense and be difficult to use, especially on the first try. An advantage of the WYSIWYG interface is that it is incredibly easy to use for those who are familiar with any word processors. Although, a negative in using this interface is that you are limited in what exactly you would like to do with your work since you’re not outwardly controlling the code.

Now that I know how easy it is to figure out certain aspects of code (big thank you to Google), I can clearly see the benefits of using the plain text viewer instead of the WYSIWYG viewer. Text encoding can be difficult at times, but it is actually pretty rewarding to compile more complex codes together and then see how it comes out looking “normal” in the WYSIWYG version. Ultimately, coding is worth the effort to control exactly how you want your work to look.