Morgan and HTML Coding…Disastrous Combination

Twitter My user name is @morgan_derrick. This is where you will learn the most about me.

There are three things that one needs to know about me and my skills with coding

  1. I am not good with computers and my coding skills are on the level of a seven year old.
  2. I enjoy humorous posts you will see that on my twitter.
  3. I have an identical twin


  1. I have a Dorkie named Jake and we spend way too much time together.

More about me…

I love to read and right now I am currently reading Songs of The Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult. I highly recommend this book. Also, I have a problem with binge watching TV shows and I am currently watching the Sopranos for the first time. I know how excited you are for me because this show is crazy good. Last, believe it or not I love food. Buffalo chicken wraps are my favorite. So, if I am eating one in class don’t judge me because this is very stressful stuff we are embarking on. I have a humorous graph on what my favorite and least favorite parts of college.

Best Part of College Naps
Worst part of College All nighters


Reflections and other thoughts…

This lab was not easy because I did not understand at first how to code the paragraphs properly. Also, learning how to use the media slider was rather difficult. Like Professor Thomas said there are all sort of tutorials  to use and fin that will help explain the process. That taught me the most important lesson when dealing with this lab. It taught me to have patience with myself because all of this is new. This lab taught me that if I do not know how to do something have the patience to research it. This, I believe, will be my saving grace for this class because technology and I do not get along most of the time.

Visual vs Text

I have to remark that I enjoy the “Visual” mode, What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) format more than the text format. This mode is easier than the Text mode, but that is not what this class is about. Am I right? The text mode helped me understand the basic concepts of HTML coding because it shows the difference in coding a new paragraph and how make words bold or italicized. This idea helps when understanding the reason behind the use of HTML coding and why the personal touch that this coding does is important. It is important because  making a website or even a blog posts requires one to be able to make it look professional. With this in mind HTML coding and the visual format gives individuals the ability to look professional and give the a unique personal touch to their work. This is the beauty of using the text format and the visual format side by side. One can immediately see what they want to change and what visually is working  when coding.

Alan Liu Reflection

Understanding how to use the Text mode is hard and I found myself going back and for numerous times to make sure that the tags that I was using was working. Also, I felt like this could hinder me in learning how to code to the best of my ability because I felt like I became dependent on being able to go back to the Visual mode. In regard to Liu I found his remarks enlightening. Especially, when he is discussing the idea that HTML Coding is made so that every design and does not have to be cookie cutter. This new age type of coding makes it possible to have unique and personal designs when coding.