Since we can write about essentially whatever we want, I decided to write about the images I found.
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Take this one for example. These are the kind of books that make you look important. It isn’t just what the books are, but how they look. If you had a phone book wrapped like that, it would be impressive. I do have one book of fairytales like this. My mom bought it for me one year for Christmas.

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This makes me think of three things

  • This looks like one of the pictures I took in Spain
  • How pretty all old buildings are in Europe
  • How sad it makes me that the U.S. doesn’t have many of them




Doing this on the plain text side instead of the visual side (the WYSIWYG) was incredibly challenging. I don’t know why it is called the plain text side though. It is anything but. There are so many random letters and abbreviations floating around that I do not understand either what they are or what their purpose is that it is a little bit overwhelming. I stayed on the plain text side as much as possible, but I kept having trouble with the list. My text and my bullet points would not stay in the same place. I thought that if I could figure out what letters were representing the bullet points, I could find out where to put the text. Apparently, it was not that simple. Somehow, my text always ended up below the bullet point. It was very frustrating. I’ve been on WordPress for years and never thought to go to plain text view. I have of course accidentally clicked on it, but I then panicked and wondered where my pictures went and eventually found my way back. Also, there is no tables button. That threw me off for a bit until I waded into the WordPress help forums and hopefully found a way to do it right. Hopefully is the key word here.

As for Liu, he did not make much more sense to than the coding. He is obviously a very intelligent person, but he is talking to his base and I am not a part of that base. I don’t understand all the technical language that he uses: XML, HTML, SQL, XSLT, etc. I know that according to him, the web is far more civilized than it used to be. I know that most if not all of said technical terms have an l in them, so that must be important. I know enough to know the irony of my computer opening the file on Internet Explorer, or “Microsoft Edge” as it is now called. I know that http is what comes before www in a website, but I have no idea why. I want to understand him. I am sure it would help me greatly if I understood him, I just don’t. Coding is the language of machines and machines have never liked this human. I’m not one of those girls walking around in the “girls who code” shirts. I am excited to learn though. Hopefully I am better at this than Spanish.