Strugs of a College Student

Last Spring, I studied abroad. This spring I am in Clemson. Being in Clemson for the Spring semester again makes me realize what a unique and special time in a person’s life studying abroad is. It allows a person to be productive and get credit, while also exploring the world. I recommend it to everyone! It was the best semester of my life and I really hope to live abroad for a few years after graduation.

List of things I want to do, but dont have money for:

-Eat Chipotle 3 times a week

-Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras

-Have an internship in Prague for Summer 2016

-See the Aurora Borealis in Norway

Probably Should Look Into These

Aurora Borealis

Paris France $$$
Rome Italy $$
Krakow Poland $
Amsterdam Netherlands $$


HTML coding is not something that comes naturally, but I see the importance of learning it as a writer in today’s world. While the WYSIWYG format was simpler and I found myself referring back to if after attempting to code, I also enjoyed using the text format. It opened my eyes to how each website or web page that we look at is much more complex than it appears. The page I created seems very simple, but the text format shows that there is a lot of work that goes behind customizing a webpage. The WYSIWYG format is important because it shows what the coding is accomplishing, but I think the text format in necessary. Since technology and the internet are constantly evolving, writers need to learn how to use that to our advantage. I am not the most tech savvy person, but I hope that this class helps me to better understand how literature and writing is changing and helps me to keep up with those changes. Liu makes an important point that coding has allowed people to customize their online presence. The aspect of HTML coding that allows for continuous innovation and growth is what makes it worthwhile to learn. In this lesson, we were meant to practice the most basic elements of HTML coding, but upon those building blocks we can begin to use coding in new ways. Coding allows for a boring white and black website to be transformed. In addition, it it clear through this Lab that you do not have to be a computer science major to utilize it. I think that we often think as English majors that technology is not something that effects us, but it is clear that HTML coding does. It has the power to give anyone a voice online, which is important if someone wants to be a writer. Even if someone doesn’t want to be a writer, it is clear to see the ways that this knowledge can help him or her.