By Edith M. Dunlap

I’m a pretty boring person, so I don’t feel like there’s much to tell. However, I’ll try to list some pretty cool and/or weird things:

  • My favorite animated movie is The Lion King (_this _short gif is from one of my favorite scenes of the movie)
    • My nickname is “Mufasa” because of this
  • My favorite live action move is Titanic (sappy, I know)
  • I don’t eat condiments
  • I’ve been playing the drums since I was two and the keyboard since I was 16 (self-taught)
    • I play over 16 instruments (mostly percussion)
  • I have 15 siblings (no, my mother did not have all of them)
    • I have seven nephews, seven nieces, another niece/nephew on the way, and a set of identical twins (we don’t know the gender yet) on the way
  • I have been teaching myself photography since I was 18
    • My grandfather retired from photography after doing it for over 40 years, so it rubbed off on me
    • I do graduation pictures, parties, reunions, prom pictures, church conferences, and more


Writing a post using the plain text editor versus using the WYSIWYG editor is extremely different. I tried so hard to grasp the concepts of using the plain text editor, but I found myself getting confused and looking back at the WYSIWYG editor more and more in order to get the job done. The most obvious pro of using the plain text editor is learning HTML encoding. However, for me at least, the cons greatly outweigh the pros. It is so easy to insert a broken code that I found myself getting frustrated when my text would not show up how I had intended. Also, I tend to get lost in the coding, not knowing where one ends and another begins. The pros of the WYSIWYG editor are obvious as well. Really, the only one that matters to me is that I can see what will appear on my page. Also, being able to toggle between the plain text editor and the WYSIWYG editor explains more to me about coding than reading a tutorial on it because I can literally see what I want to be visible and the coding that it takes to make it happen. The only con I see is becoming dependent on the WYSIWYG editor and not being able to practice HTML encoding.

HTML encoding enacts what Liu refers to as “the separation of content from material instantiation or formal presentation” by being exactly that — the place where the separation occurs. In the plain text editor, the content of the web page is laid out completely, including all of the things not seen on the front end of the site. This front end displays only what one sees when using the WYSIWYG editor. In the case of HTML encoding, this is the “material instantiation or formal presentation” that Liu is talking about.

Creating this Table:

How long did it take to make this table? 10 minutes
Was it as hard as I thought it would be? The encoding was the hardest part.
Do I feel comfortable creating a table now? Not really, but I understand it more.