These last two sections of the book were some of the most interesting parts for me. The characters were subjected to several different catastrophes. To put it blatantly, what could go wrong did go wrong. To begin, the space elevator’s cable snaps and its sent out into space with people in it. There’s Phyllis’ dreams of becoming even more prominent capitalist being shattered. It was pretty cool though how Sax mentioned that since it’s cables were so long, the elevator might actually wrap itself around Mars. That was a cool thought until the group went out looking for survivors, really only to come across so much death and destruction.

The next thing I found interesting about the last part was how water was incorporated in to the story. So the I guess you could say “marsquake” caused the massive flood of water to escape from the Melas Chasma canyon. I can’t even imagine how much water would amount to be one hundred Amazon Rivers! That’s A LOT of water! Now that Mars is becoming covered with water I feel like its becoming even closer to being a replica of Earth since the majority of our planet is water. Sidenote: I can’t believe it snowed on Mars! It’s as if the eco-system is completely altering too.

The next thing that was pretty weird for me was when in chapter 4 of Part 8 when the survivors met their children who they never even knew existed!

The last thing, even though is isn’t very significant, I found interesting was Hiroko’s part in the ending moments of the book. As a character who seems to just pop in and out of the book, she was probably one of the last people I’d expect to come help save the day. Hiroko to the rescue!

Overall I really did enjoy this book! Out of the books we’ve read, Red Mars is definitely my favorite. It was confusing at times keeping up with what characters were saying in each section but it was a really interesting story line