I have chosen Option B for my final project.  The social issue I have chosen for my final project deals with global warming. But more specifically, global initiatives that are being introduced and implemented in response to this issue. While the people of Red Mars are colonizing in the hopes of turning Mars “green,” down on Earth, we are going “green” in an attempt to restore Earth. I find the two parallel each other. While many companies and countries are getting on board with green initiatives there are still many that are not concerned with the issue; just as in Red Mars, some want to preserve Mars as much as they can instead of completely expanding and colonizing on it. The sources I have chosen touch on green initiatives from many different perspectives from building standards on construction in the United States, creative political cartoons about climate change, and global policies that countries such as Japan “tried” to implement.

For the character study portion of this project, I am going to write through Ann’s perspective. She has been a character who is trying to urge many of the other members of their society to preserve Mars, to leave it untouched by humans. While, her efforts might change the minds of a few people, like Nadia, for example, the majority of their community is against her. I hope to create a persuasive argument in this portion of the project. Possibly through letters or diary entries, I will write about her living on Earth, in a heavily polluted area where she wishes “green” people would come in and restore the community.

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