After reading Part 6, I have become a little confused as to Frank’s intention on killing John. I guess it wouldn’t be as confusing if Frank didn’t act the way he was in chapter 3 of the section. When we first learned about his plot to murder John, Frank felt like his plan was justified and he’s in the right. It’s as if he reached reality and truly discovered what he’d truly done. The book mentions that Frank has constant dreams about John, where they talk about various things. Frank wakes up from his with his “stomach knotted and skin sweaty” (page 432). His frequent thoughts and dreams about John make me begin to think he has began stages of grief and guilt. He killed John, his friend and is now dealing with his personal repercussions. I believe that he killed John for his desire to have power and his jealousy towards Maya’s relationship with John. I suppose its difficult for me to fathom killing someone, especially one who considered you to be a friend. I’m sure there are more underlying or maybe even obvious reasons for him killing John, but I don’t seem to understand them. I suppose although at the beginning of his plan Frank tried to make himself believe that killing John was an act on true honest will, but now I think it was all a front. Do I really think Frank believe his decision to murder John was truly justified? I don’t know. If he wasn’t acting the way he was within Part 6 I would be convinced to say yes, but now I am unsure.

Being a sociology major and have taken a psychology class, it just makes me think of Frank as a confused, demented power-hungry character. I definitely think Frank is confused based off his thoughts and dreams he’s been having. Although he had been plotting John’s murder, I still can see how the murder was acted on impulse.  I can relate Frank’s actions to a sociological theory called Conflict Theory, which suggests that the wealthy and popular control the power in society. Frank is part of the first 100 and one of the most prominent characters in the book. He strives to have that power and will obviously do anything to reach his goal. Part of me thinks that Frank wants to arise to be the hero figure/new popular. John had a popular persona that he held on to with being the first man on Mars. Well, now that he’s dead, is it now Frank’s turn to have the spotlight?