The opening of Part 6 offers an entirely different narrative from what has been offered to this point in Red Mars. Instead of merely offering up the typical scientific descriptions that to this point had come in every opening, part 6 offers instead the first description of events from a citizen of Mars. It is made clear that this person is not in fact one of the first 100 but is instead a true Martian, in the sense that he or she was born on Mars. It is through this new narrator that we are given a look at John Boone from the eyes of the majority of the Martians and also a blending of classic American mythology blending with the new Martian civilization.

John Boone was looked upon as an almost mythical figure by those on Mars, as evidenced by the intense admiration that is conveyed by the narrator of the introduction. Those born on Mars have been raised to look upon John Boone as an almost messianic figure in the sense that he was the first to touch down upon this new planet, and he also had such an intense personality that he was able to draw the love of the masses through nothing more than his charisma. Boone had, by nearly all accounts, a cult like following on Mars, and his murder impacts the community hard. They have suffered the loss of the only leader figure that they have ever truly known, particularly in the case of those born on Mars. John Boone had his flaws to be sure, as evidenced by the narrator’s mentioning of his affinity for girls of all kinds, whether young or old, beautiful or plain. Yet at the end of the day he had become a symbol of Mars and the new life to be found there, and his loss leaves a gaping void at the top of Martian society.

Finally, the introduction offers a new look at the evolving Martian community, as folk tales are beginning to appear, offering explanations for the way that the planet was created. It is a very similar effect to what transpired on Earth time and again as humans sought answers to questions that they could never seek to fully comprehend. The introduction offers an example of the evolving belief system on Mars through the tale of Paul Bunyan making his way to mars and being defeated by The Tall Man, Mar’s answer to the mythical Bunyan. Even in defeat however Bunyan remains a symbol of humanity on Mars, as Bunyan’s very being seeps deep into the planet itself and becomes intertwined with it. Much as humanity becomes more and more attached to the planet. It is representative of the fusing of human culture with their new surroundings.