Something that really jarred me as I read  started on Page 286 “…ever see her again. Most likely he would, because she’d had that I can cure you look in her eyes when she’d left.”

I found that particular passage interesting because Jimmy when he wanted to break up with women would make himself seem beyond redemption, unable to be saved, someone that could only drag the women down in the long run, no good. And his view of Oryx in the earlier chapters he was always trying to diagnose her to dig up information of what he assumed could only be a horrid torturous past that has left her broken deep down.

Something else that stood out was that while his escapades with women were for the purpose of casual sex. Yet the tables turn on page 284 “That’s all he was to her, to all of them: a mechanical joke. Nobody wanted to be sexless, but nobody wanted to be nothing but sex.” He doesn’t appreciate as much being a means to an end just being used for the purpose of sex then tossed aside only to be called again when the need for sex arises which is exactly what his relationship with women was like in the story. He used the women for sex led them on and dumped them.

Another example of this view would be on page 285 “I said, from the waist down. That’s how you really care about me.”

Though one thing I did not understand was the ending. I feel like there should have been more. I have so many unanswered questions left. Like who were the people? Does Snowman try and kill the people or does he attempt conversation? And what was Crakes motivation for creating the JUVE virus?