Pattern: Repeated refusal of Oankhlai reality

Example 1: “Or that was what supposed to have happened. That was the Oankhali illusion. Or was it an illusion?” (pg. 216)

Example 2: “In spite of the sun, the moon, and the stars? In spite of the rain and the trees that have obviously been here for hundreds of years?” (pg. 209)

This particular quote comes after Lilith says that they will find a wall. It is a questioning of if the humans are really on an alien ship and not in the training forest.

Example 3: “And you believe we are on some kind of… what? Space ship?” (pg. 142)

Example 4: “Until I do see something—and I don’t mean more moving walls—this is all bullshit.” (pg. 143)

Example 5: “Finding out what’s really going on… There are people refilling those cabinets and we intend to find out who they are.” (pg.171)

Hypothesis: The newly Awakened humans are refusing the reality of the Oankhali ship because of the hierarchical nature of their genes. Humans were on top of the hierarchy on Earth and that has be undermined as they are taken from Earth and Awakened on the Oankhali ship (ostensibly their world). Whether it is coping or stubbornness, newly Awakened humans refuse to accept the Oankhali reality.

Return to text: I had to repeat the process once when looking over my evidence. My original pattern said it was a “repeated questioning of what is real.” However, I found that there was really only one example of gentle questioning versus outright refusal. Now that I have rephrased it and have reorganized my thoughts, my evidence holds much more meaning and credibility to my interpretation. I definitely agree with my new pattern which lead me to a much better hypothesis than the original pattern would allow.