Pattern: The Oankali’s dependence on Lilith to survive and their constant protection of her

Example: Keeping Lilith in captivity but the Oankali take care of her at all times. They keep her fed and want to make sure she has strength. Even though she is not allowed to leave, Lilith has a strong role in the continuance of the species. (19)

Example: Lilith will be the sole leader of the breeding company for the Oankali. She will be the creator of the next generation of the Oankali.

Hypothesis 1: Lilith will become a type of mother figure to the Oankali since she’s the head of the breeding program. I can see this also happening since she’s helping to bring humans back to earth.

Hypothesis 2: At some point in the novel, Lilith will refuse to help proceed with the breeding program at some point which will cause the Oankali to backfire.