For my literature review, I will be focusing on steampunk.

Source 1: _Extraordinary Pasts: Steampunk as a Mode of Historical Representation _by Margaret Rose.(Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts Vol. 20, No. 3 (77) (2009) , pp. 319-333)

Source 2: Clockwork Corsets: Pressed Against the Past by Jenny Sundén (International Journal of Cultural Studies 2015, Vol. 18(3) 379–383)

Source 3: The Victorians Now: Global Reflections on Neo-Victorianism _by Mark Llewellyn and Ann Heilmann (_Critical Quarterly 2013, Vol. 55 (1) p.24-42)

Source 4: History and Cultural Memory in Neo-Victorian Fiction: Victorian Afterimages by Shale Preston (Pennsylvanian Literary Journal 2011 Vol. 3 (3) p.56-59)

Primary Source: The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers (1983)