What I want to focus on is the opening of The War of the Worlds, specifically the last sentence of chapter 1. The first chapter calmly explains what is happening as the invasion begins. All the characters are going about their business as normal and barely pay attention to the strange happenings. The narrator muses over the mysteries and distance of Mars and its inhabitants and refers to the coming invaders as “bright lights” and “falling stars.” The concluding sentence of the first chapter on page 12 is, “It seemed so safe and tranquil.” I think that sentence is a perfect way to both conclude chapter 1 and foreshadow the coming events. The words “safe” and “tranquil” are very powerful words. They paint a picture of a calming and home like environment where no harm can be done. However, because it “seemed” this way really means that the events described are anything but sirene or restful. The disaster and “war” followed the narrator to his home, destroying the safety. I love the way “it seemed so safe and tranquil” frames the rest of the story. The word choices are perfect and achieve the desired effect.

(not a very long post. but…i think it’s relevant. so…the end.)