Pattern 1: The belief that no being could be dominant of man.

Example 1: “No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man’s and yet as mortal as his own…” (p.5)

Wells presents a setting that provides the reader sight into how clouded mankind’s perspective is on what the universe could be. Mankind has the belief that it is the most advanced society in the universe, but the author challenges this reality by introducing a setting where man falls cripple in the presence of a different being.

Example 2: “No one gave a thought to other worlds of space as sources of human danger, or thought of them only to dismiss the idea of life upon them as impossible or improbable (p.5).

The author yet again uses the words “no one” to emphasize that none of mankind was not conceited in themselves. An alternate reality that the author has described consists of a society that has been completely blinded to dangers in their lives due to their inability to think they may have competition. This was a warning to the readers to spread the word that maybe man should not stay comfortable with it’s superiority complex because something could be soon released against our vulnerable society.

Example 3: “dead man from Mars”

Man is a relative word. The fact that the character in the story assumed that the intelligent being inside had to be a human man showed how closed-minded the human race is to other possibilities other than itself. Mankind has assumed its newest inventions are the newest of inventions. There is a disregard to possible societies before or beyond us.

Pattern 2: Repetitive mention of human’s greed for valuables represents the blinded worship of money by the human race.

Example 1: “…with both hands open, upon the heap of coins, and began thrusting handfuls of money in his pockets.” (p.111)

The man was “thrusting” handfuls of money into his pockets as if he was in a rampage because of being in the presence of a large sum of free money. An object that society created for itself has become of the idol of it’s society. Even in a time of panic where people are confused of the continuation of life itself, this man is still focused on getting as much money as possible.

Example 2: “…One husband and wife were carrying a small outhouse door between them, with some of their household goods piled thereon.” (p.67)

Once again the addiction of having valuable “things” has been shown. The most logical choice that most people would have chosen would have been to forget everything and try to protect as many lives as possible, but instead most people are worried that they will lose their belongings.

Example 3: “Steamboats and shipping of all sorts lay there, tempted by the enormous sums of money offered by fugitives, and it was said that many who swam out to these vessels were thrust off with boathooks and drowned.”(p.115)

The quote can be used to metaphorically to say that man is so attracted to money and he’s willing to risk even life for it. The ships full of money had a trance on the people swimming out to it and created a need so great that many people drowned for the possibility of attaining more money. Even though the setting of this story included aliens that used dominance to invade a new world, somehow the focus was still attaining more wealth.