Pattern 1: Use of Anglo-Centric framing. Setting the stage in reference to British places.

“It was seen early in the morning rushing over Winchester eastward, a line of flame high in the atmosphere.” pg 13

“Most of the spectators had gathered in one or two groups – one a little crowd towards Woking, the other a knot of people in the direction of Chobham.” pg 24

“That night nearly forty people lay under the starlight about the pit, charred and distorted beyond recognition, and all night long the common from Horsell to Maybury was deserted and brightly ablaze.” pg 28


Pattern 2: The repetition of “ran”.

“I came into the road between the crossroads and Horsell, and ran along this to the crossroads.” pg 31

“I ran, for I perceived that in a moment everyone upon this side of the hill would be moving.’’ pg 42

“I struggled to my feet at last, and, crouching and making use of every chance of cover, I made a run for this.” pg 48

“”Then we crept out of the house, and ran as quickly as we could down the ill-made road by which I had come overnight.” pg 56-57