For my final project, I was going to write a paper. However, being that this was a class about technology in the popular imagination, I formatted my paper on a blog.  I used Tumblr because my paper had a lot of quotes in it.  Tumblr lets you choose what type of post you want and there is a specific one for quotes.  It took me a few hours just to decide on what theme I wanted to use for my blog (I’m not kidding…a few hours.) I found a few I liked, but I settled on The Roller Theme because it flows really nicely as you scroll down.  I first typed out my paper on a Word document and then copied and pasted the different paragraphs into Tumblr, but it was in reverse chronological order.  Since The Roller Theme is parallax scroll, I wanted you to be able to read it as you scrolled down the page.

Another reason why I chose to use a blog format was because it goes along with the overall argument of my paper.  Digital media opens up new ways of interpretation. Like I previously mentioned, the format of Tumblr allowed me to use a different format for quotations.  The quotations are in a different font are the text is a little bit bigger.  I was also able to hyperlink You could try and click the hyperlink on a printed out piece of paper, but I don’t think anything would happen….

I found my paper a lot more interesting in digital form rather than print.  It was just more fun to read.  Also, my Tumblr is not on private, so I’m curious to see if anyone will comment or follow it.  Publishing a book can take years, but publishing my Tumblr was just a click of a button.

In all honestly, I had a very difficult time meeting the word requirement.  I’m not sure if it was because of the way I wanted to present it on a blog, or if it was because my artifacts were lacking in evidence.

This was a really unique assignment and I had never had to do anything like it.  It sounded overwhelming at first, but it was actually really cool.  I would have never imagined using a book like Pattern Recognition and website like to make the same argument, but then again, I never imaged writing my final assignment on Tumblr.

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