For my final project I decided to present my argument and my findings in the form of a blog post on the Word Press site. I decided that the bulk of my blog would be the actual writing itself and it ended up being quite similar to a standard essay. I thought that something along the lines of a standard essay would be beneficial to help me explain my argument. By my own admittance, my topic for this final project was somewhat “out-there.” The explanation of how authors can give their works a sense of self-awareness and why they created these books that essentially know themselves seems very meta and difficult to explain. That being said, I wanted to make sure that readers could clearly follow my thought process and I thought that that could most easily be done in a flushed out written argument. However, I still wanted to incorporate technological elements into my project rather than writing a standard essay. It was because of this that I decided to format this project as a blog. I thought that as a blog this information could be more accessible and I could also discuss my information in a more personable way. Furthermore, the blog allowed my project to contain more elements of multimedia. In the section of my project where I discuss The Familiar, I spend a great deal of time analyzing and going over the visual elements of the section that contains the narcons. I describe the bracketed sections of text that are marked in the parenthetical dots that we thought was reminiscent of brail, as well as the various blacked out or censored words and phrases. This is an accurate description for those of us who have read the book and are familiar with these aspects, however this would be quite confusing for someone who had never seen these things before. To eliminate confusion and provide clarity, I included picture of pages in the book as a hopefully helpful visual element. Later, when I discussed Agrippa, I focused predominantly on the poem that exists on the diskette within the book. While I could describe what the simulation of the diskette looked like, it would not be as helpful as it would be for someone to experience that themselves, so I included a link to a video that emulates the content of the original floppy disks. The form itself was important to the argument that I was making because I did discuss form a great deal in my argument. Because of this, I wanted my project to be experiential for the readers, and allow the readers to be involved and draw their own conclusions based on the arguments that I was making within the project. Overall, I think that by formatting my project as a blog that included multimedia aspects such as pictures and videos, I was able to accurately share and explain my argument. By having a written out argument along with the visuals for clarification, I hope that someone reading my blog post could clearly follow along and get something out of it.