For my final project, I chose to analyze a similarity between Tumblr and the fictional social media app of Parcel Thoughts. My argument consisted of the fact that both social media apps deal with anonymous and unknown users, but Parcel Thoughts has more of a fear connected to it. Tumblr, on the other hand, deals with the unknown in more humorous ways.

The link to the Tumblr I created is:

I chose to do this project on Tumblr because I thought it was only appropriate to do while talking about the site itself. Using Tumblr to do a project, instead of just writing a plain paper, opens up so many more possibilities of expressing the argument. I created a separate email address and Tumblr URL to create this project. I had to keep reminding myself to sign out of my own Tumblr when doing this project because I am always signed in with my regular account. You can always find me on Tumblr on a nightly basis, endless scrolling through the multiple blogs I follow. It it a very addictive website that lets me express myself. With Tumblr, you are able to easily post photos, set up links to other websites, create quotes, and make text posts. For the photos, I used pictures of the Parcel Thoughts logo, as well as the Tumblr logo. Below these photos are the descriptions of each website. If I were to attach the images on a straight up paper that I was writing, it would seem a bit out of place. However, using Tumblr has allowed these photos to fit well within my “blog”. Another photo that I used is a fake text messaging conversation that includes “Rawrgrl” from The Familiar. I wanted to recreate the text messaging that occurs on pages 434-435 in the text. I thought this was a really creative way in describing a particular scene in the text, and just another way that Tumblr as a good mode of communication to use for this project. Another mode of communication I used is the “link” tab on Tumblr. With this tab, you are able to put in a link, and the description of the website will pop up. One click of the link will bring you to the website. I used three links for this project and they are all directed to different, popular Tumblrs. I simply googled popular Tumblrs and multiple lists of “Top 25 Tumblrs” came up in the search results. I simply chose three from that list and went from there. I used the “quote” tab too so I could analyze a passage from The Familiar. Using this tab is much easier than just writing the quote on a regular paper. For the three scholarly sources, I picked out relevant quotes that pertained to my argument and then connected them to each other.

With this project, I was able to get a lot more creative. I like that fact that we were encouraged to not write just a paper because it allows for new ideas.