My project incorporates the same modes of media as the pieces I used in the creation of my argument: The Familiar and “Dakota.” I wrote a paper and I presented the same words in my paper in a video of my reciting the paper. I presented my thoughts in a paper, allowing the reader to engage in deep attention if they so choose. The Familiar is a written text, so I wanted at least one of my chosen forms of media to be a straight up written text as well. For my other form of media, I chose to try to recreate an experience similar to that one may have when watching “Dakota.” When you watch Dakota, there is little you are able to control and the information is thrown right at you from the very beginning. I began my video kind of explaining what I was going to do as far as reading my paper aloud, but I neglected to share just how quickly I was about to speak. I naturally speak at definitely above average speeds and can amp that up pretty quickly if need be. I pushed right on talking a mile a minute until the end of the paper where I wrap it up because I wanted that part to be well understood. I also took a break before that final part to clarify that I knew I was in fact talking at speeds of the side effects at the end of a prescription drug commercial. I chose to take away the viewer’s ability to see the words on the screen like “Dakota” has because I gave the viewer the ability to start, stop, and rewind the video. I don’t possess the technological know-how to create a video like “Dakota” so I had to take away another element of control, that of sight.

These modes of media that I used in my project are important to the argument because my argument concerns the amount of control we have in interactions, so I presented the same information two different ways to allow the viewer control over how they want to consume. Ultimately I talked about the level of control in interactions leading to our overall satisfaction with how we think that interaction went. I wanted to allow people the ability to choose how they consumed my final project. I am a big fan of choice and wanted to make a statement about what I mentioned in my paper as is pertains to choice through the forms of media my project ended up taking. I think my allowing the viewer to choose what they did with my project shows the argument I made about choice.