For my final project I decided to compare Danielewski’s The Familiar and the Word Press social blog site.  I chose three things that the novel and Word Press blog had in common and elaborated on them.  The three things that I thought were important: pictures or visual aids, time stamps, and elaborated on the text (words) whether large or small and the emotional connection each had in common.  My argument encompassed the emotional side of the pictures that I included in my final project.

For pictures or visual aids, I felt that the novel has used pictures to show more emotion.  For example: the text from rawgirl.  We all use text these days and for Danielewski to include this visual, it gives the reader a closer emotional feel with the text.

For time stamps I felt that each story was linked in some way and the time stamps proved so.  That is my opinion but we will never truly know the truth of it.  I used Luther and Xanther as an example because they both had the same type of time stamp (location/day). I found that to be an interesting clue.  Maybe in volume 2 the individual stories will be combined. Just a thought.

Last but not least I felt that the size of the text was important.  When Xanther’s raindrops visual aid text was sideways it reminded me as if it were tears.  This is another emotional aspect of the novel.  Plus how some text was larger (may mean the emotion was stronger) and some text was smaller (like a secret or not of much importance as the larger text)

I added pictures to my word document that coincided with the text.  I felt that this would give a clue to the emotion that Danielewski shows in his novels.

I would have liked to discuss more about social media and the changes in literature since the internet has become too important, rather, I had to narrow down my project in fear of it becoming a mess.  My works cited that I used was Katherine Hayles, Garrett Stuart, and excerpts from _The Familiar.  _I also included how code was extremely important in the novel and in Word Press.  Katherine Hayles  article definitely helped to explain how code is a subconscious, delicate way of reading.

This project was definitely the hardest by far but I had fun with it!