Artifacts: Pattern Recognition by William Gibson & “Immersion: A People-Centric View of Your Email Life”


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This video was created by the Immersion team and gives and in-depth look at how the system works.


My Immersion results:

This is a complete record of my Gmail account from its creation on May 8, 2014  to April 29, 2015.  Immersion creates relationship webs based on my email contacts. These pictures have the names below the bubbles removed for privacy reasons. The size of the bubble represents how frequently I interact with a contact. Each bubble can be clicked on to find out more about the contact, such as number of emails exchanged, interaction volume, and if they introduced you to any of your contacts. As you can see, some of the bubbles are linked together to form clusters of contacts. For example, Immersion clustered all of my roommates together based on email interaction (the green cluster of bubbles), and my group project members (the red bubbles) were also linked together.


Immersion allows the user to choose what timeframe to analyze. The picture on the left side represents fall semester of 2014, and the picture of the right is spring 2015. As a result of more group projects in the spring semester, Immersion has analyzed these email interactions and created links between group members. It is interesting to see how my email patterns have changed over the course of a year.

Fall Semester Spring Semester